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Identifying No-fuss Methods In Guest House

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  JB: Once he returned to the States after the war, he enrolled at Princeton. He majored in chemical engineering. He remembers his time on campus very well — he forged his own path. JS: Quite honestly, I didn’t have much money — in fact, I didn’t have any money, really, so joining clubs really had no interest. Besides, my fiancé (whom you met) lived in New York, so I spent most of the weekends going back. So I really wasn’t tied in with the normal college experience, you know. Of course, I did go to lectures, and had fun, and all that, and there were parties and so on. But by and large, that was secondary, you know. JB: He graduated Phi Betta Kappa from Princeton, and also earned a master’s degree in 1951. Then, he took a job as a materials engineer.

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