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jobs report from the government. The report offered an overall mixed message: Hiring in the United States dropped to its weakest pace in nearly a year, but the unemployment rate managed to reach its lowest level in nearly a decade. The jobs report pointed to dire problems confronting many of the stores populating shopping plazas and malls. Department and general merchandise stores a category that includes Macy's and Wal-Mart shed 34,700 workers last month. Clothiers let go of 5,800. Retailers involved in high-priced big ticket items such as furniture stores and auto dealers barely added jobs. Nor are wages keeping pace. Average hourly earnings for retail employees, including managers, has inched up just 1.1 percent over the past year, compared with a 2.7 percent average increase for all U.S. workers. The struggles of many traditional retailers can be traced most of all to Amazon and other online retailers. Amazon's Prime membership program, costing $99 a year, has been a juggernaut, with services like streaming music and video that have created fierce loyalty.

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Puritans These come alongside strongly-contested debates about "safe spaces" and "no-platforming", with arguments over whether students have a right to block views they find offensive. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption What does a Harvard student look like? And how should the university reflect its past? But some student campaigners have brought about changes. After a long-running protest, Yale University announced earlier this year that it would re-name Calhoun College , named after a 19th Century advocate of slavery. It is now to be named after a female computer scientist, Grace Murray Hopper. Harvard is dropping the title of "house master" because of connotations of slavery , and ending the use of a seal that includes the family crest of a notoriously brutal slave trader. The university was once an owner of slaves and has held a series of events and commemorations to examine its own connections to the slave trade. Image copyright Clementine Webster/ Binny Mathews Image caption Oxford University has a project to create more diversity in the paintings on display Georgetown University, in a bid to come to terms with its own legacy of slave owning, has promised extra support in the admissions process for any descendants of slaves sold by the university in the 1830s.

People use these apps because they want to understand their body better. "The app is helpful whether you're trying for a baby or want to know when your next period is." Many women seem to agree - Clue has about five million active users globally. Image copyright Alexander Crispin Image caption The Natural Cycles fertility app has been shown to be as effective as some other contraceptives But the UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) advises users to treat fertility apps with a degree of caution. "There are probably many examples of new tech companies and technologies in the fertility space that bring the promise of benefits to patients and users, but they must be properly assessed before they are used in a healthcare setting," says Alexia Tonnel, director of evidence resources at Nice. "Where possible, users should look for an independent review of the claimed benefits." Some sexual health charities, organisations and experts have also expressed concerns over the efficacy of such apps . But for millions of women worldwide, they have proved essential as a contraceptive, an aid to pregnancy, and as a way of understanding more about their monthly cycles. Image copyright ClearBlue Image caption Clearblue's Fertility Monitor relies on daily urine samples Gemma Moore turned to ClearBlue when she was trying for her second child. "I used the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor to measure my hormone levels and find out the four days I was most likely to conceive. "By knowing what was going on with my hormones and realising I ovulate far later than the average woman, I was able to pinpoint when I was most likely to conceive." In the second month she got pregnant and gave birth to her son, Oscar, last September. As for the future, it's expected that the femtech sector will continue to thrive.